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Choosing Personalised Signs as Gifts for the Home

Choosing Personalised Signs as Gifts for the Home

An excellent decorative gift for your house and living spaces can be personalised signs. They can be the perfect gift for a cosy kitchen, a lovely garden, or a porch or even your bathroom. There are many places in the home that personalised signs would improve.


Why Personalised Signs are a Great Gift


Personalised signs can make your home more hospitable. From the literal point of view, a gift with the family name could be presented, or some quote that is strongly associated with the house or its owners. You might select some memorable date or an important person as a symbolical meaning, the gift may remember something important in the house or a cosy corner. Undoubtedly, personalised signs are a gift to bring pleasure.


Personalised Signs: Where to Hang Them


Outdoor – Garden: Handcrafted signs could be a joyous addition to anyone’s garden. Whether to welcome guests or label different parts of the garden, these signs can create a happy vibe. They could also feature family members’ names or quotes or jokes from family members. Typically made of wood, garden or allotment signs are durable and weather-resistant.


Porch: A personalised sign with the surname or greeting will pleasantly welcome your guests each time they come.


Indoor – Kitchen: An excellent gift to anyone who loves to cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Useful personalised kitchen signs such as “Coffee,” “Tea,” or with the family name, created to give your kitchen a lift.



Though it may not be the first place you might think of for a decorative sign, the bathroom is a unique place to add a little humour to your daily routine. A small sign to point your guests in the right direction, or a sign saying something fun about bath time. In any case, a cool sign would create a whole layer of additional interest or charm for the places most people don’t think need signs at all.


The possibilities for a personalised sign are nearly endless, but here are a few of the most commonly seen options:


Material: wood, metal, and acrylic are the most commonly picked, wood gives a nice rustic feel, metal is more modern and minimalistic, and acrylic, naturally, feels very modern.


Design: text style, such as a more calligraphic style of ellipse forms vs. more sturdy and playful printed font – all those elements greatly affect the feel of a sign. Additionally, design elements include any borders, motifs and patterns, such as kitchen or gardening tools if you put the sign in a shed, or floral designs, though the sky is the limit.


Personal messages: finished off with a personal touch, this may be the name of the addressee, some date or favourite quote... make the sign not just a gift, but a memorable keepsake and a sign of your appreciation.


Personalised signs are great as a gift in nearly any situation, from a housewarming party to a birthday gift. They are a gentle and polite way to say you care about the person’s tastes and their home, and want them to have a sign that is warm and inviting, like their self. Moreover, such signs as a great way to spruce up and enjoy everyday living – be it a garden, a front porch or even a bathroom. It is also a very practical thing: not everyone can remember your house number, but with a sign it is no problem.

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