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Personalised Diwali Heart Chakra Cushion Cover

Personalised Diwali Heart Chakra Cushion Cover

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Celebrate the brilliance of Diwali with our Personalised Diwali Heart Chakra Cushion Cover, a thoughtful gift that symbolizes the spirit of the festival.

Perfect as a gift for a cherished one or as a decorative piece for your home during Diwali, this exquisite linen cushion cover seamlessly blends spirituality and style.

Add a personal touch by customizing it with your loved one's name, creating a truly exceptional and meaningful present. Whether you seek a special gift or wish to infuse your home with festive warmth, this stunning cushion cover with its intricate heart chakra design will be the perfect addition.

The design is complemented by the standard text 'Heart chakra, reserved for [name],' which beautifully accentuates the personalized touch.

Personalise with a name, up to 12 characters, to bring a touch of spirituality and style to your Diwali celebrations.

Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm,

Material: Linen.

Collection: Diwali

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